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  1. Sensitive to nutrition? A literature review of school feeding effects in the child development lifecycle

    ... to provide an up-to-date literature review on school feeding and the potential impact on nutrition, including school age children, pre-school and adolescent girls. The ...

  2. Rapid situation analysis of the education sector's response to HIV and AIDS in the context of school health and nutrition in Guyana

    ... as a tripartite activity of UNESCO, the World Bank, and the Partnership for Child Development for the Guyana Ministry of Education. ... to enable the development of a comprehensive school health, nutrition, and HIV (SHN & HIV) education sector response for incorporation ...

  3. Strengthening the education sector response to school health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean region: a rapid survey of thirteen countries

    ... in early 2008 are to inform the development of both regional and national level education sector policies and strategies on school health, nutrition and HIV in the Caribbean region. The survey also aims to describe the ...

  4. Helpdesk report: school feeding

    ... School feeding has led to measurable gains in education and health outcomes, as evidenced widely in the literature. There are a few ... was less conclusive. This overview presents some of the nutrition, education and economic outcomes identified. It then presents ...

  5. The impact of school feeding programmes

    ... recognised as a major investment in both human capital and in local economies which has accelerated country-led demand. It is seen as ... critical areas: education and gender equality, health and nutrition; social protection and local economies and agriculture The impact ...

  6. School feeding programs and development: are we framing the question correctly

    ... effectiveness since their impact is partially on education and partially on school health. They are, additionally, a means to augment ... of school children and, to a lesser degree, augment nutrition for families of beneficiaries, they are best viewed as transfer ...

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