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Dialogue on Eastern and Southern Africa Ministerial Commitment held in Namibia

Photo: © UNESCO Windhoek Office. Some of the delegates who took part in the ESA Dialogue on ESA Ministerial Commitment

Dialogues on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) for young people were conducted on the 1st and 3rd September in Zambezi and Kavango regions, Namibia.

These dialogues were part of the series of meetings that are planned for all the regions in Namibia with the aim of orienting regional management teams on the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) commitment.

The meetings brought together 37 participants representing key stakeholders from government, civil society including young people and youth-led serving organizations and development partners. The participants were sensitized on the targets of the commitment to enable them to understand how they can contribute to attainment of the Commitment targets.

In both meetings it was noted that young people are the future for each nations hence a need to address challenges facing them. Furthermore, the importance of education in addressing issues/challenges faced by young people was emphasized. The participants were encouraged to come up with clear recommendations which should translate in action plans on how best to expand and strengthen delivery of young people’s programmes both in-schools and out of school in all the regions.

The need for government, especially, Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture and Ministry of Health and Social Services, Ministry of Gender and Child Welfare; Ministry of Sports, Youth and National Services and Civil Society Originations, including youth led organizations and other stakeholders to work together to ensure Comprehensive Sexuality Education and adequate Sexual Reproductive Health Services for young people was noted.

Key health and education indicators for young people in the ESA region including Namibia were shared. The targets of the commitment were also presented. Ohangwena region shared an example of best practice in the coordination of Young People’s programmes at regional level and demonstrated how their activities contribute to the ESA ministerial targets. Based on the Ohangwena case study, Zambezi and Kavango regions agreed on way forward/action plans on how to strengthen CSE and SRH programmes for young people in their respective regions.

The meetings culminated in the drafting of a regional operational plan on the coordination of young people’s activities.

The ESA commitment was signed by the 20 Ministers of Health and Education from the 21 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa as part of recommitting their support for young people’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education and Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Source: UNESCO Windhoek Office 

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