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Next FRESH webinar: Global oral health promotion strategy

Global Oral Health Promotion Strategy: integrating oral health promotion into general health promotion through sugars reduction, targeting schoolchildren

Presenters: Prof Paula Moynihan, Newcastle University, UK

Time: 15 August 2017 - 09.00 EDT/ 14.00 BST/ 15.00 EAT/ 21:00 SGT

Prof Moynihan will be discussing WHO’s strategy to integrate oral health promotion into general health programmes through reducing sugar intake and the targeting of oral health messages at school children.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The oral health status of children
  • WHO’s Oral Health Strategy
  • Links between oral health and general health: the common risk factors
  • WHO’s guidelines on sugars intake
  • Current sugars intake by children and adults
  • Implications of WHO’s guidelines for policy and practice- approaches to reducing sugars consumption
  • Sugars reduction and oral health promotion – the whole school approach

To find out more about the webinar series and how to participate visit: www.schoolsandhealth.org

The FRESH School Health and Nutrition webinar series provides monthly presentations by leading policy makers, researchers and implementers engaged in improving the health and education of children in low and middle income countries across the globe.

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