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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

Open Meeting on the FRESH Working Group on Health Literacy, Life Skills and Social Inclusion

Date: Tuesday, 6 March, 2018 (13:00 London, 08:00 Washington DC)

The FRESH Partnership is comprised of a extensive number of UN agencies, donor organizations and global non-governmental/ civil society organizations concerned with promoting basic education, health, safety, equity and various types of economic, social, sustainable and human development through, with and within schools, agencies and systems. 

The FRESH Partners have established a Global Working Group to develop advice on how global agencies and countries/states can address the challenge of promoting knowledge, skills and attitudes on a wide variety of basic education, health and social issues within the core curricula/programs promoting health and personal development (HPSD). 

This session will discuss the activities and work plan of the FRESH Working Group (WG) on Health Literacy, Life Skills and Social Inclusion. Participation from all concerned with the delivery of health, personal and social development (HPSD) education in low resource, high resource and conflict/disaster-affected countries and regions is welcome. The WG is addressing the challenge of including the many issues and educational paradigms related to educational success, health and development in the limited time/capacity available in core HPSD school curricula, extra and co-curricular activities, school routines and in other subjects.

Help us to get this WG off to a good start!

To access the webinar on the day of the session, this Participants Link will be active about 15 minutes before the start of webinar.

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