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UNESCO HIV and Health Education Clearinghouse

SAfAIDS and UNESCO Toolkit on Engaging Communities in Comprehensive Sexuality Education

This toolkit developed by SAfAIDS, with technical and financial support from UNESCO, provides practical information and advice to community members on how to support children and young people to access comprehensive sexuality, HIV and AIDS information and services - to promote improved access to comprehensive sexuality education amongst young people and better support their health outcomes.

The toolkit is published as part of a regional programme entitled, Strengthening Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention amongst children and Young People through Promoting Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Eastern and Southern Africa, funded by Sweden and Norad. It aims to improve community engagement in children's and young people's access to comprehensive sexuality education and services in selected Eastern and Southern African countries.

The toolkit contains both practitioners and community tools and is available in English with the community tools also available in Portuguese, Nyanja, Sotho and Swahili.

The different manuals and guidelines which make up the toolkit are available to download on the Clearinghouse website.

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