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Webinar: The 2020 GEM Report on Inclusion: Findings, Principles and Potential Next Steps

Webinar: The 2020 GEM Report on Inclusion: Findings, Principles and Potential Next Steps

Date : 29 September 2020

Time: 09:00 am Washington DC/ 14:00 London, UK

Registration: To access this webinar, just click on this Participants Link a few minutes before the start of the session.If needed, the password is 582741

This session will provide an overview of the findings, principles and policies discussed in the 2020 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) report. The report has successfully identified the elements that can unify the many sectors and systems to strengthen and maintain inclusive education. Promoting inclusive schools is not a new goal, as policymakers, practitioners and researchers have sought to include students with learning disabilities and to help others overcome the barriers of hunger, poverty, infectious diseases and discrimination. However, the GEM report has underlined the inequalities laid bare by Covid 19 crisis and collated the responses of countries in a new country policy database. 


  • Anna D'Addio, Lead Author, Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO
  • David Osher, Vice-President, Institute Fellow, American Institutes for Research, Evaluator UNICEF Child Friendly Schools
  • Stuart Cameron, Lead for Equity & Inclusion, Global Partnership for Education (GPE)
  • Connie Laurin-Bowie, Executive Director, Inclusion International
  • Tim Lewis, Professor, University of Missouri, Co-Director, OSEP Center, School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions & Support
  • Kate Lapham, Deputy Director, Education Support Program, Open Society Foundations

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