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Webinar: Comprehensive School-based & School-Linked Bullying Prevention

Comprehensive School-based & School-Linked Bullying Prevention: An Evidence-Based Action Framework

Date: Tuesday 1 December 2020

Time: 9.00 am Washington DC, 14.00 London, UK

Registration: Click on this Participants Link to access the session (Zoom Meeting ID: 873 9289 3387)

Following the commitments of the G7 education ministers meeting of July 2019, the International Conference on School Bullying and the International Day Against School Violence & Bullying in November 2020, this webinar will delve into a report of the Scientific Committee that underpinned these two important events. This report reflects new approaches which recognize that bullying occurs within structures and relationships within and outside of the school. The researchers propose a "whole education approach" or framework comprised of nine components:

  1. political leadership, laws and policy
  2. curriculum, learning and teaching to prmote a caring school climate
  3. reporting, referral and support services
  4. student empowerment & particpation
  5. monitoring and program evaluation
  6. training and support for teachers
  7. safe social and physical environments in schools and classrooms
  8. involvement of parents and stakeholders
  9. inter-sectoral cooperation among government and other partners

This framework can guide and coordinate legislation, policy and programs on bullying, cyber-bullying and other forms of violence as well as online safety, digital citizenship and technology use.


  • Christophe Cornu, Team Leader, Health & Education, UNESCO
  • James O'Higgins Norman, Co-Chair Scientific Committee, Dublin City University, UNESCO Chair on Bullying in Schools & Cyberspace
  • Christian Berger, Member Scientific Committee, Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile

The FRESH School Health and Nutrition Webinars are monthly presentations by leading policymakers, researchers, and implementers engaged in improving the health and education of children in low- and middle-income contexts.


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