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School Health and Development in Low Resource Countries: The Ongoing FRESH Partners Dialogue and Summaries

The resources, culture, systems and capacities within countries and regions will determine the nature, priorities and, ultimately, the sustainability of school-based and school-linked programs to promote education, health and development.

Fatima talks about COVID-19

Meet Fatima from Zvandiri in Zimbabwe. She is here to talk to children and young people about COVID-19 and how to look after themselves and each other. Zvandiri and Zimbabwe’s...

Keeping Education Running: Group Handwashing in Schools

This webinar discusses the importance of handwashing in disease prevention in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It presents technical solutions, material and supply, budget requirements, and management tools to support Ministries of Education integrate daily group handwashing activities into the routine of public schools.

Solutions to Understand and Respond to Barriers of Student Attendance and their Well-being

FRESH School Health and Nutrition Webinar: Solutions to Understand and Respond to Barriers of Student Attendance and their Well-being

Webinar: Improving WASH Behaviors among School-age Children Outside of School

Join us and members of Save the Children Global WASH team to learn more about the different ways in which school-age children influence hygiene behaviors as we celebrate World Toilet Day 2019: Leaving No One Behind.

Webinar: Holistic school-based food and nutrition education for healthy and sustainable diets

Join us and FAO’s Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness Group to learn more about SFNE, as we celebrate World Food Day: Our actions are our future- Healthy diets for a Zero Hunger World.

Webinar: Programming for Children's Social and Emotional Well-being - Lessons from Iraq

Join us and Save the Children colleagues from Washington DC/ USA, and Kurdistan/ Iraq, as they share their experience of promoting and measuring social-emotional learning in an emergency context, on our webinar commemorating World Mental Health Day.

Webinar: The Blue Schools Kit - an approach for healthy and environmentally friendly schools

Join us and the Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium as we celebrate International Youth Day to learn more about Blue Schools.

Understanding the Enabling Environment for Teaching and Learning: Recent Advances

Join us and the American Institutes for Research as we celebrate World Youth Skills Day to learn more about the interplay of biological, relational and contextual factors that shape learning outcomes.

Accelerated Action for the Health of Adolescents – AA-HA! Webinar Series. Webinar 6: SCHOOL HEALTH

We are delighted to invite you to join us for a series of AA-HA! webinars. These webinars will highlight the AA-HA! approach in adolescent health programming as well as examples from country offices on how they are supporting governments in moving adolescent health forward.


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