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UNESCO's HIV and Health Education e-Newsletter, Issue 21

Inside this issue: International Women’s Day 2015 – Director-General’s Message; Rallying to End Gender-based Violence in Schools; Exploring health literacy in Latin America; “No youth left behind” in the Asia and the Pacific region; UNESCO’s Response to Ebola

Social campaign #iminred. Pass the baton, tell your friends about HIV and support people who live with HIV

On the 14 of February, St. Valentine’s Day, UNESCO Moscow Office summed up the social campaign #iminred aimed at raising awareness about HIV and promoting solidarity with people living with HIV.

UNESCO battles bullies and bias in schools as partner in LGBT rights initiative

UNESCO Bangkok will oversee the educational component of the second phase of a regional United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)-led initiative to uphold the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.

Regional expert meeting on prevention of gender-based violence in schools

On 10-11 February, 2015 UNESCO Moscow Office in collaboration with UNICEF Belarus held the Regional expert meeting on prevention of school-related gender-based violence. Representatives of ministries of education from 7 Eastern European and Central Asian countries, leading experts in the field of education, representatives of NGOs and international organizations took part at the meeting to share country-specific experiences and discuss the Regional guide on school-based violence prevention and response developed by UNESCO.

UNESCO, Myanmar Medical Association and Myanmar universities partner to strengthen sexuality education

Young people comprise nearly a third of Myanmar’s population, and while overall health and education indicators have been improving rapidly for this group in recent years, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) is too often overlooked as a critical aspect of their well-being.

UN Cares Cambodia and Indonesia Teams Recognized

The UN Cares Teams in Cambodia and Indonesia were recently recognized for their hard work in addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination as recipients of 2014 UN Cares Awards. Last December, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon acknowledged the commitment of all UN Cares teams worldwide and congratulated the five winning teams including those in Cambodia and Indonesia.

Training aims to build young leaders in Myanmar’s HIV response

An effective national HIV response requires listening to and learning from those most affected – and, most importantly, ensuring their passion and perspectives are heard by empowering them to be community leaders.

UNESCO and Myanmar Health Ministry meeting likely pave the way for further cooperation

UNESCO Bangkok and Myanmar’s Ministry of Health have opened the door to further collaboration on the HIV and AIDS response in the country following recent meetings in Nay Pyi Taw.

UNESCO is seeking consultants on school-related gender-based violence and early and unintended pregnancy

UNESCO is seeking two consultants for the development of guidance documents on addressing school-related gender-based violence and education sector responses to early and unintended pregnancy

Voices of affected youth are loud, strong and united in regional AIDS dialogue

For hundreds of thousands of young people in Asia-Pacific, HIV is an everyday reality, yet when it comes to setting national and regional agendas on how best to respond to the epidemic, these youth find themselves on the sidelines of what for many is a discussion with life and death implications.


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